Genuine Stella Scooter

The mystery of the flashing ESC light.


Stella Scooter 125 auto ecs light

Perhaps you have a Genuine Stella 125 Automatic scooter and have been wondering what the blinking ECS light is about. The mystery of the blinking ECS light is a bad sensor!  I have spent hours researching this and kept coming up empty. What to do about the blinking ECS light?  The ECS light will blink when one of 4 sensors is bad.

             The sensors are

  1. TPS Throttle Position Sensor
  2. Air Valve. This is a solenoid that connects to the side of the carburetor. The solenoid is located under the body.
  3. Engine Temperature Sensor
  4. Oxygen Sensor

Below is a diagram showing the different codes.  You have to look at the light and count the number of times it flashes in a cycle. If there are several codes, they will flash in order.

ECS light Genuine Stella Scooter 125 Automatic